The Honourable James Moore to lead study on digital and data policy modernization

Ottawa, ON – June 11, 2019 – The Business Council of Canada has engaged The Honourable James Moore, Canada’s former Minister of Industry, to develop recommendations for Canada’s data strategy that will promote innovation and ensure the security and privacy of Canadians.

“Data is among the most valuable resources in today’s economy, but digital technologies are evolving far faster than Canada’s legal and regulatory frameworks,” said Goldy Hyder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Business Council.

“We are delighted that The Honourable James Moore has agreed to lead this important project,” he added. “Mr. Moore is a respected leader who understands the policy development process and shares our belief in the need for a made-in-Canada solution to the challenges of today’s data-driven world.

“The Digital Charter announced by the federal government last month is an important milestone, but there’s still a lot of work ahead to make sure we get the laws and regulations right.”

Over the coming months, Mr. Moore will consult business leaders, innovators and digital policy experts across the country. His aim is to deliver a report in late 2019 with recommendations to modernize the rules that govern the collection and use of data and personal information by private entities.

“Canada has the potential to be a global leader in the harnessing of digital technologies and data to fuel economic growth and improve the lives of all citizens,” Mr. Moore said. “I look forward to working with Business Council members and other stakeholders in developing a smart data policy framework that inspires public trust and confidence while promoting innovation and competition in the marketplace.”