Canada’s Place in the World

Canada’s prosperity relies on global stability, the rules-based multilateral trading system, cooperation among like-minded partners and respect for sovereign states.

As a relatively small, open economy, Canada benefits from trade and investment liberalization.

Areas of focus include:

North America

Working closely with the United States and Mexico to strengthen North American competitiveness and security.

International Trade

Enhancing Canada’s existing economic partnerships while seeking new opportunities to trade with emerging markets.

Global Affairs

Supporting international institutions that contribute to global peace and prosperity.


International Trade

Canadian business groups call for swift ratification of the Canada-U.K. Trade Continuity Agreement


Canada caught in the crossfire of a new era of economic power politics

Louis Vachon, President and CEO of National Bank of Canada, wrote an op-ed with Frédérick Gagnon, holder of the Raoul Dandurand chair of strategic and diplomatic studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal, which was recently published in The Globe and Mail. They raise the issue of the growing importance of geopolitics on the Canadian economy, and put forward suggestions to government and companies alike to mitigate the impact of this phenomenon.

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