Canada’s Place in the World

Canada’s prosperity relies on global stability, the rules-based multilateral trading system, cooperation among like-minded partners and respect for sovereign states.

As a relatively small, open economy, Canada benefits from trade and investment liberalization.

Areas of focus include:

North America

Working closely with the United States and Mexico to strengthen North American competitiveness and security.

International Trade

Enhancing Canada’s existing economic partnerships while seeking new opportunities to trade with emerging markets.

Global Affairs

Supporting international institutions that contribute to global peace and prosperity.


Why India?

Based on economic modelling by Ciuriak Consulting, this joint report by the Business Council of Canada and the Canada-India Business Council lays out the case for a comprehensive economic partnership agreement with India as a cornerstone of Canada’s engagement with the Indo-Pacific region.

August 4, 2022

Why Africa?

The opportunity for Canada in Africa is enormous. To date, trade diversification discussions have often focused on the Asia-Pacific region given the well-documented rise of Asia’s middle class. While this region must continue to be a focus, Africa deserves attention given its large and under appreciated growth potential. Meeting Canada’s trade diversification target will simply not be possible without an Africa strategy

February 11, 2020

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Developing Canadian ingenuity

Éric Martel discusses how investing in R&D and developing technologies to reduce emissions can increase Canada’s ability to compete globally.

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