A strong majority of Canadians employed by large businesses (500 or more employees) take pride in their work and place of employment, according to a recent survey by Nanos Research.

Conducted between April 28-May 1 and commissioned by the Business Council of Canada (BCC), 81 per cent of Canadians who work for large businesses said they take pride in their work and two thirds report being proud of the company they work for. The survey also found that these Canadians are more likely to have a negative than positive impression of politicians that publicly criticize their employer.

“Political leaders should think twice before criticizing large businesses.” said Nik Nanos, Chief Data Scientist and Founder of Nanos Research. “Our poll shows that there are political risks to doing so as Canadians who work for large companies are over five times more likely to have a negative view of those who do, rather than a positive view.”

“Millions of Canadians are employed by large businesses and they are rightfully proud of the work they do and who they work for,” said Goldy Hyder, BCC President and CEO. “It’s important to remember that whenever we talk about large companies, we’re really talking about the hardworking Canadians who work for them and the significant economic impact those companies have on Canada’s overall success.”