Industry and Innovation

To succeed in today’s global economy, Canada needs a strategy that brings ideas to life and enhances the country’s competitive advantages.

Industry is an essential partner in unlocking the potential of new technologies, ensuring high regulatory standards, and building prosperity for all Canadians.

Areas of focus include:


Simplifying the regulatory environment for citizens and businesses with the goal of making Canada the most efficiently regulated country on earth.

Digital Economy and Cybersecurity

Developing policies that capture the job-creating benefits of the digital economy while safeguarding the privacy of citizens and security of businesses.

Corporate and Public Governance

Promoting a high standard of ethical behaviour and corporate citizenship, and respect for the rule of law.


Ushering in the fifth generation of digital communications

Joe Natale, President & CEO at Rogers Communications, joined Ed Greenspon on the Public Policy Forum’s podcast to discuss the future of mobile tech, bridging the digital divide, and how industry can partner with government to bring Canada together as a nation.

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