Corporate Canada needs to look more like Canada

by Jaqui Parchment – Chief Executive Officer, Mercer Canada

“Corporate Canada needs to look more like Canada.”  That’s the call to action from Jaqui Parchment.  As CEO of Mercer Canada she is one of only a very few Black women CEOs in the country.  

She is also a Director of the BlackNorth Initiative and a founding member of the Black Opportunity Fund.  And she is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion.

This summer, over 200 business leaders gathered to participate in the BlackNorth Summit, making commitments to address anti-Black racism in their workplaces.   

But change doesn’t happen overnight.  

What do companies need to do to keep the momentum going over the coming months and years?

As we start a new season of Speaking of Business, Jaqui Parchment joins us to talk about how to bring about change, the importance of mentorship, and why businesses need to move from inclusion to creating a sense of belonging in the workplace.

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