The Business Council of Canada has for years urged the federal government to develop an ambitious Indo-Pacific strategy to advance Canada’s economic, political, and security interests in that critical region of the world.    

We therefore welcome Foreign Minister Melanie Joly’s speech today in which she outlined the government’s approach to China and confirmed that its complete Indo-Pacific Strategy will be released in the coming weeks.   

Canada needs a clear, consistent policy governing how we engage with other Indo-Pacific nations, and, amid shifting geopolitical dynamics, it is crucial that our efforts align with those of our allies including the United States.  

The China policy announced today combines a realistic appraisal of the risks and regional tensions with a candid recognition Canada must continue to work with China on global priorities such as emissions reductions.  

We strongly encourage government to work closely with Canadian businesses, as many have extensive operations and investments in the Indo-Pacific and can help government to achieve its strategic objectives in the region.