Business Council of Canada welcomes the federal government’s plan for “A healthy environment and a healthy economy.”

We have long argued that achievement of Canada’s Paris GHG reduction goal is an ambitious undertaking that will have significant implications for all Canadians. Substantive progress will only be possible with a comprehensive strategy that fully integrates the roles and responsibilities of the provinces and territories and is built on constructive partnerships with business, Indigenous communities and stakeholders.

“Canada’s leading companies take seriously the need to fight climate change by reducing GHG emissions,” said Goldy Hyder, President and CEO. “They are busy developing and adopting the low-emission energy sources, products and technologies that will be critical to the coming transition.”

The Business Council stands ready to work with all levels of government to ensure Canadian companies have clear rules, a predictable policy framework and a supportive investment environment that will allow them to continue to be major contributors to Canada’s economic progress and environmental sustainability.