Goldy Hyder calls on Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to delay the implementation of the Digital Services Tax to allow for the OECD global tax reform process to continue and to not disrupt ties with the United States. His letter and perspective was featured in several news stories.  

“Both senior Republicans and Democrats have made clear that it will be hard to get the USMCA extension through Congress if Canada has a DST in place.”

“This is not about taxes, it’s about trade.”

“The only course of action that exposes Canada to costly risks, as we have warned, is forging ahead. That is the scenario which Canada must avoid. Canada should not impose a unilateral DST on either foreign or domestic companies before the OECD process has been allowed to run its course. “ 

” To me it’s not a tax issue, as much as it is a trade issue, but also a strategic issue for our country.”