Today’s introduction of a bill to enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act and Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act is an important step forward in modernizing Canada’s consumer privacy legislation. 

New federal privacy legislation is urgently needed to ensure that consumers have updated protections, and that the businesses that are fueling innovation have clear rules.  

Modernized privacy rules will also help prevent the emergence of a patchwork of conflicting provincial privacy regimes, while also ensuring that Canadian businesses can seamlessly transfer data to and from two of our largest trading partners — the United Kingdom and the European Union. 

Since the launch our Data Driven initiative in 2018, the Business Council of Canada has been working with business leaders, innovators and policy experts to come up with a set of smart changes to Canada’s privacy laws. As today’s new bill works its way through Parliament, we look forward to working collaboratively with parliamentarians to ensure that the bill both addresses the challenges and realizes the opportunities of our increasingly data-driven world.