The time is now.

Data isn’t new. For thousands of years, we’ve recorded observations about the world around us. What’s different today is the sheer amount of data we create and our ability to use that data to make quicker and better decisions – whether it’s about our route to work in the morning, which crops to plant on a farm, or where to build the next hospital.

Canada can be a leader in using data to fuel the economy and improve peoples’ lives. But we need to act now. With the announcement of a new Digital Charter, we have an opportunity to modernize Canada’s data policies in a way that helps our businesses innovate and compete, and that benefits and protects all Canadians.

Industry must be a constructive partner in this process. We consulted business leaders, innovators, and digital policy experts across the country to come up with a set of ‘smart changes’ that support a healthy data-driven economy.

Data Driven explained

Data is a vital economic resource. With technology evolving every day, we need policies that unlock the value of data to the benefit of all Canadians. Data Driven is a business-led effort to come up with the right solutions for a data-driven world.

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