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Dear Friends,

As Chrystia Freeland said yesterday in her fall economic statement, Canada is “at a pivotal moment.” The challenges confronting our country include geopolitical volatility, a global economic slowdown, and the need to navigate a green energy transition.

Recognizing these headwinds, the economic statement included a number of actions to spur investment, ease labour shortages and make life more affordable for Canadians. For example, I was encouraged to see:

  • Investment tax credits for clean technologies and clean hydrogen, a promise to help get critical minerals “out of the ground and to global markets”, and a further promise to improve regulatory processes for major projects;
  • Measures to speed up immigration processing to allow more skilled newcomers to fill critical labour gaps; and
  • Targeted support for the most vulnerable Canadians while still reducing the federal deficit.

But overall I felt the government’s fiscal update failed to convey a sense of urgency. The challenges we face demand bold and immediate action.

Time is not our friend.

That is why I urged the government to come forward early in the new year with a budget that takes concrete steps to shore up Canadian competitiveness and ensure a better life for all Canadians.
Yours truly,

Goldy Hyder
President and CEO
Business Council of Canada

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While awaiting the release of Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy, last week we welcomed Canada’s decision to apply for membership in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity. Since U.S. President Biden launched the framework last spring, the Business Council has called for Canada to have a seat at the table in this ambitious regional initiative.