Sharpening Canada’s Competitive Edge

Date: March 21, 2019

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As originally published by Nutrien

Nutrien is proud to be a Canadian company, and we want to contribute to Canadian and global prosperity any way we can.

That’s why Nutrien President & CEO Chuck Magro accepted the invitation to serve as co-chair of the Business Council of Canada’s Task Force on Canada’s Economic Future.

Along with task force co-chairs Nicole Verkindt of OMX and Louis O. Vachon of National Bank of Canada, Chuck sees an opportunity and a need to bring Canadians together in support of smart policies and a long-term strategy for a better economic future for Canada.

“This task force is focused on business competitiveness and ensuring a high quality of life for all Canadians – now and for future generations,” Chuck says. “Nicole and Louis bring unique insights and are very well respected across the country, and it is an honor to partner with them in this important work.”

According to an analysis of a dozen leading economic nations recently completed by Deloitte, Canada enjoys some competitive advantages – such as a well-educated and diverse talent pool – but is trailing its peers in such areas as research and development and the regulatory burden faced by industry.

“We will be talking with leaders from government, business, labor and other key groups from coast to coast about ways to make Canada more attractive for investment, grow the economy, add jobs and drive prosperity across the country,” Chuck says. “I see no reason why Canada shouldn’t be the best place in the world to invest.”

For more information, read this Globe and Mail op-ed article co-written by the task force’s co-chairs.

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