Dave McKay, President & CEO of RBC: “Our New Competitiveness: Thriving in the Age of Disruption”

Date: May 8, 2018

Publication Type: Speeches

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Excerpt from a speech by David McKay, President & Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Bank of Canada, to the Canadian Club of Montreal delivered May 7, 2018: 


“Just a few weeks ago, I took on the role of co-chair of the Business/Higher Education Roundtable. It’s a group launched by the Business Council of Canada to link key business and higher education leaders from across Canada – including strong voices like CAE and McGill from Quebec – together to solve Canada’s pressing skills economy challenges.

“One important mandate for this roundtable is to promote a culture of work-integrated learning in all of our schools. These paid placements – which combine classroom learning and hands-on experience in the workplace – are essential to instilling a mindset for innovation….

“This is not some form of public service, it is a business imperative. It connects students and employers, ambitions and opportunities – regardless of location, sector or discipline. It moves businesses beyond the idea of a talent pipeline and toward a talent platform for Canada.”

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