Data Driven – Issues Paper

Date: July 23, 2019

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The issues paper (download here) scopes out the topics and questions that Canadian policymakers are considering.

Data is transforming our economy and society. Advances in digital technology allow us to gather and store ever-more data, enabling smarter and faster decisions that grow the economy and improve our lives. But they are also giving rise to new public policy questions. How do we get the right data to the right place at the right time? How do we distribute the benefits? And how do we protect people’s privacy, security, and rights?

Countries are launching national strategies to realize the opportunities and address the challenges of a data-driven world. Canada can be a leader in this world, but we need to move fast. In May, the federal government announced a new Digital Charter – a set of cross-cutting principles that will guide reforms to federal privacy and competition laws, as well as other frameworks impacting data. The stakes are high, and Canada cannot afford to get it wrong.

This paper is the first step of a research initiative launched by the Business Council of Canada to develop concrete recommendations on what Canada’s reforms should entail. Prepared by Dgen, a consultancy, the paper takes stock of key trends, issues, and questions on the minds of policymakers. Rather than draw conclusions, the goal of the paper is to drive discussion with Canadian industry to identify priorities and policy options that the study will address in subsequent work.

[Updated: August 22, 2019]

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