A better future for Canadians

Date: October 30, 2019

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Led by three of our member chief executives – Chuck Magro of Nutrien Ltd., Nicole Verkindt of OMX and Louis O. Vachon of National Bank of Canada – the Task Force on Canada’s Economic Future has consulted widely, welcoming input from Canadians in every region and from every walk of life.


In January 2019, the Business Council of Canada launched a Task Force on Canada's economic future. It was led by three CEOs from across the country, but supported by our membership of nearly 150 CEOs representing diverse sectors, diverse industries in diverse cities across our country. We were able to sit down and talk at one of our meetings about the big issues of the day today, but also for the long term. From skills and talent, to energy and infrastructure, to taxes and regulation, to innovation, and to Canada's place in the world: our members sat down and thought, "What are the solutions to these problems for the short-term and the long-term?" But, we also knew we couldn't just do it by ourselves. We stepped back and reached out to stakeholders, leaders - business leaders, social leaders - around the country, academics and others and said, "Help us. Let's do this together. Let's sit down and listen to each other’s ideas and to each other’s hopes and each other’s concerns; figure out a plan. And when that plan is complete, which it now is, we've been able to share it with the current government. The key of course to any plan is not that there is one, it's can you get them to act on it. And that's where our focus is shifting to now. How do we help implement what is, really, a platform for Canadian prosperity so that we can pass our children a stronger society, a better quality of life, better standard of living, and just a greater Canada.


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