60 Seconds with Trevor Kennedy

Date: June 26, 2019

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In this episode of 60 Seconds, our Senior Policy Associate, Trevor Kennedy, offers insight into the G20 Summit in Japan.



Japan’s hosting its first G20 summit in Osaka this weekend, and the timing couldn’t be better considering a wide range of problems the world’s facing.

So what is the G20?

The G20 is a collection of 19 large economies and the European Union, and leaders of these economies meet on roughly an annual basis to discuss a wide range of issues.

So why is the G20 important?

Well, unlike the G7, the G20 includes a number of emerging economies like China, India and Brazil.

And so why is this year’s summit particularly important to Canada?

Well, I think there are three reasons. First, there’s an opportunity for President Trump and Xi Jinping to meet on the sidelines to discuss their ongoing trade tensions. If they can reach an agreement, there’s the potential that we’ll avoid the imposition of further tariffs, and existing tariffs could be lifted.

Number two, there’s an opportunity for Prime Minister Trudeau to meet with his counterpart to discuss our existing tensions and hopefully to build a pathway towards solving these problems in the future.

And number three, the G20 provides countries like Canada an opportunity to work with like-minded partners to solve a wide range of global issues.

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