60 Seconds with Isabelle Duchaine

Date: May 9, 2019

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It’s May - an exciting time of year, especially for students across Canada in colleges, universities and polytechnics who are putting down their books and may be looking forward to getting out of the classroom.

It’s also a really important time for businesses. We hear every day about the challenges businesses of all sizes have in finding the right talent. Businesses are saying they’re looking for entry-level talent that are skilled workers that have great communications skills, good digital skills and can really bring an innovative mindset into what their business and what their company is doing.

That’s why I think something like Work-Integrated Learning is so valuable. Over the next 4 months, ten thousands of students will be doing things like co-ops, apprenticeships, internships and applied research projects, bringing the skills that they get throughout their post-secondary experience directly into the workforce.

Skills for students, skills for business…. It just makes sense.

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