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Why did business leaders take the rare step of writing to the leaders of all federal parties on the subject of Canada’s economic future? Our CEO Goldy Hyder explains in the latest edition of 60 Seconds. Visit to read our letter and to share your views with us.



Today is June 3rd, and the Business Council of Canada has just released an open letter to all federal political party leaders.

The Business Council represents 150 of Canada’s leading businesses and CEOs.

We recognize that as we approach a federal election, this is an important moment in the life of the country.

Elections are about choices, they’re about vision.

We at the Business Council believe that our leaders owe it to Canadians to speak clearly about the choices that are before us.

We know they’re not easy, but that’s what leadership is. Leadership requires our parties to come forward with their vision for the country and their solutions.

I know historically this is a time for every organization to come forward with their laundry list of ideas and rest assured we are as many others are.

But at the end of the day, we’re calling on our political leaders to provide vision, leadership and direction for Canada. Canadians have a right to know your point of view.

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