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Date: December 10, 2019

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On the last day before World Trade Organization’s Appellate Body ceases to function without the reappointment of new judges, we’re proud to join our counterparts at Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Canada) and the Canadian Agri-Food Alliance to call for action in support of a key element of the rules-based international trading system. Read our joint statement and watch the latest #60Seconds with our ur VP International, Brian Kingston.


Dark days for the global trading system.

The World Trade Organization, appellate body, effectively the last court of appeal for trade disputes between nations, ceases to function on December 10th.

The Appellate Body normally consists of seven members, of which three are required to hear any case. This week, the terms of two of the remaining three members are set to expire.

For several years the United States has blocked reappointments to the  Appellate Body claiming that it routinely oversteps its authority in ruling against the United States in trade disputes.

Without a functional appellate body any disputes appealed at the WTO would be left in limbo.

This is particularly concerning at a time when tariffs and other protectionist measures are multiplying.

This year trade restrictions observed around the world hit the second-highest level on record.

For Canada, a country that depends on international trade, this is a very worrying development. The WTO has enabled an enormous expansion in global trade and prosperity in Canada and around the world.

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