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July 23, 2019

Data Driven – Issues Paper

Data Driven – Issues Paper

The issues paper (download here) scopes out the topics and questions that Canadian policymakers are considering. Data is transforming our economy and society. Advances in digital technology allow us to gather and store ever-more data, enabling smarter and faster decisions that grow the economy and improve our lives. But they are also giving rise to new public policy questions. How do we get the right data to the right place at the right time? How do we distribute the benefits? ...

Sixth Annual Total Tax Contribution Survey

The sixth annual Total Tax Contribution survey, conducted in partnership between PwC Canada and the Business Council of Canada, offers insight into the role that large Canadian companies play in driving investment and providing well-paying middle-class jobs. The survey measures the overall economic impact of companies on public finances in a given year. The latest survey covers 2017, a year in which Canada’s GDP grew by 3.0 per cent after inflation – the fastest pace in six years.

Competitiveness Scorecard

This Competitiveness Scorecard, completed by Deloitte Canada, analyzes more than 500 data series across a dozen key global competitor nations and summarizes Canada’s performance in eight key areas: talent, economic stability, capital and investments, customers, infrastructure, innovation, tax and regulation. The scorecard plays a significant role in our work on Task Force on Canada’s Economic Future by establishing a baseline for how Canada stacks up and what areas we need to improve. See how we scored. 

National data and digital consultations roundtable report

Introduction Digital technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, with important implications for our economy and society. We are generating ever-larger amounts of data about ourselves and the world around us, and our ability to collect, store, and make sense of that data has grown immensely. But the digital revolution is also giving rise to new challenges. Many workers are anxious to know how automation will impact their careers and their job security. Citizens are increasingly concerned about their privacy, ...

Principles for a responsible and innovative data economy

Data is changing our economy New technologies allow us to gather and make sense of ever-larger amounts of data, enabling smarter, faster decisions that can improve the lives of Canadians. The challenge is to get the right data to the right place at the right time. Data is costly to collect, store, and process. A further challenge is determining who the data belongs to and how to distribute the value it creates. Canada has traditionally relied on markets to efficiently ...

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