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Letter to Premier-designate Doug Ford

Dear Premier-designate,   On behalf of Canada’s business leaders, I want to offer congratulations to you and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario on your victory in last week’s provincial general election. After 15 years of Liberal governments, the people of Ontario voted decisively for change and now look to you and your team for fresh ideas and responsible, accountable leadership.   On election night, you said the results send a clear message that Ontario is open for business. ...

Letter to the Finance Minister regarding U.S. tax reform

Dear Minister Morneau,   For decades, successive federal governments have recognized the need to ensure that Canada's business tax burden is competitive by international standards, particularly with respect to the rates imposed by our major trading partners. By definition, this requires that governments carefully monitor and respond to shifting international norms, so as to avoid the loss of jobs, investment and tax revenues to other jurisdictions. This policy has served Canada well. While rates have gradually come down, revenues from ...

December 19, 2017

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Letter to the Minister of Finance on Budget 2018

Dear Minister Morneau,   On behalf of the men and women who lead 150 of Canada’s largest and most globally engaged companies, I write to share our thoughts on priorities for next year’s federal budget.   In Budget 2017, you set out a vision to make Canada a more inclusive and innovative economy, with targeted investments in areas such as infrastructure, skills, housing, gender equality and support for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. We welcomed these policy measures and firmly believe ...

November 20, 2017

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