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Canada needs to rethink its innovation policy to meet grand challenges

As posted on LinkedIn We live in an era increasingly defined by grand challenges: a global pandemic, an unsettling new geopolitical order, and an economy shaped by complex issues such as climate change, rising inequality, and demographic shifts. These challenges require us to think about public policy differently, with a bolder vision. More than ever, Canada’s economic success relies on our ability to innovate and harness our human intellectual capital to solve big problems and be more productive. Innovation ...

Canada needs to get its stalled immigration system back on track

As published in the Global and Mail.   The effects of COVID-19 on Canada’s economy can be measured in many ways. Some are obvious: millions unable to work, thousands of firms forced to close their doors, more than $250-billion in emergency government spending. Less obvious, but of potentially greater significance to Canada’s long-term economic health, is the impact of the pandemic on immigration. Canada’s ability to attract newcomers to its shores has long been one of this ...

We lost our fiscal anchor. We’re going to need a new one.

As posted on LinkedIn   The COVID-19 pandemic has touched virtually every aspect of Canadian public policy. Its public health effects are the most significant priority in the short run. But its substantial economic and fiscal effects may be even more significant over the long run. The pandemic will continue to suppress economic activity for the foreseeable future. Even if a successful vaccine facilitates the return to a more “normal” world in the coming months, Canada and many other countries ...

A Biden presidency? Why Canada needs its own economic recovery plan to ‘build back better’

As published in the Globe and Mail Robert Asselin is senior vice-president of policy at the Business Council of Canada and former policy adviser to two prime ministers  As Joe Biden is set to be formally nominated by his party at the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 20, Canadian policy makers would be wise to start thinking through the implications of a Biden presidency on Canada’s economic policy.  What will happen in November is still anybody’s guess. This is ...

June 30, 2020

The Perfect Stimulus for Cash-strapped Governments

The Perfect Stimulus for Cash-strapped Governments

As published in the Globe and Mail   The beginning of summer has brought welcome news about Canada’s economy and Canadians’ prospects after a spring devastated by COVID-19. Measures of activity and confidence, even numbers of jobs, are up from the lows of March and April. But we still have a long way to go. Millions of Canadians are still working less than they were, or not at all, and the reopening of the economy will be too slow ...

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