In a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau ahead of the cabinet retreat in Montreal, Goldy Hyder urged the federal government to act with urgency and implement policies that matter to Canadians – fiscal responsibility and the energy transition. His letter to the Prime Minister was featured in multiple news outlets.

“The government’s failure to act with urgency has weakened and worsened our domestic economic growth.”

“Given your government has increased expenses annually, on average, by well over 5% each year since 2016, the proposed [fiscal] anchor is just not credible.”

“The business community very much wants to continue to be able to be profitable and growing, and that’s something we all want for the business community.”

“We have a long way to go to to get to the place where we build confidence in our economy that Canada is a place where you can invest reliably, predictably and that you can get things done and build in this country again. Let’s do it together is our message to the government, we’re not on opposite sides here.”