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Dear Friends,

Last weekend I had the opportunity to get my first COVID-19 vaccination. It was an exciting day. But those who know me know how important family is to me, so I was equally excited when, in the matter of one week, the whole family was able to get one dose in the arm. A successful vaccination rollout is the best way for all of us to return to a more normal life.

It is a time to be more hopeful. The worst should soon be behind us, especially if we all remain vigilant and continue to follow public health guidelines. Canadians will naturally want to know what is their reward for being fully vaccinated. When can we visit with friends and family? When will we be able to travel? When will it be safe for restaurants to reopen?

Some provinces have started offering guidance, but so far, there is no clear and consistent national roadmap out of lockdown … and we need one. That’s why this week I joined 60 other business groups across the country in calling on the Prime Minister to work closely with the premiers to develop a pan-Canadian plan for a safe reopening.

Businesses need time to prepare, and we all need to move from a mindset of fear to hope. Public confidence will be key to our recovery both economically and mentally.

A clearly defined national plan would go a long way to helping with that transition. As many of us head into a long weekend with sunshine in the forecast, remember that there are better days ahead.

Until next time,

Goldy Hyder
President and CEO
Business Council of Canada

Last month I told you about our new climate policy report Clean Growth 3.0. It outlines a framework for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, building on two previous BCC reports from 2007 and 2010.

You can read more about our vision in a recent opinion piece in the National Observer.

I also had the opportunity to discuss the report on an episode of the Smart Prosperity podcast.


I hope you have been enjoying listening to our Speaking of Business podcast. Over the past few months, we’ve heard from a range of business leaders who have shared their insight and expertise on how Canada can forge a path towards economic recovery. Earlier this month I spoke with Mirko Bibic of Bell Canada about the key role communications infrastructure will play in supporting Canada’s future economy.

The latest episode features a conversation with Marc Parent about the many ways CAE has pivoted over the past year to respond to the health crisis – from developing ventilators in 11 days … to opening Quebec’s first workplace vaccine centre. Marc also discusses the important role of innovation in keeping Canada competitive with the rest of the world.