Budget 2024

Tax and spend fiscal plan will inhibit growth

Dave McKay reflects on the importance of Work Integrated Learning experiences in his own professional development and why more training opportunities for young people from all backgrounds helps to even the playing field. He shares this perspective in a wide-ranging interview with The Toronto Star on the post-pandemic recovery, RBC’s recent investments into opportunities for the BIPOC population, and other initiatives to support skills and training within his company and beyond.

“A mentor told me early in my career, it’s really important to find an updraft. When talented people and updrafts come together, the magic happens. I embedded that into my thinking and I decided the community was going to be my updraft. As a bank, you’re so broad and so pervasive in the economy, then that updraft is Canada’s updraft. We are only as strong as Canada is.”

Dave McKay, President and CEO, RBC