As published on LinkedIn

This week is #MentalHealthWeek, and an important reminder to all of us to prioritize our own wellness. The pandemic has had a huge impact on mental health for all of us. It’s been hard. 
In an effort to help my teams find more space to focus on themselves, today we launched our #WellnessWednesday series. These days are about being mindful of the time we spend in meetings, so we have more time for the other things on our plates, at work and outside of it. That might mean going for a mid-day walk, fitting in a workout or making time for a creative outlet. I loved getting messages throughout the day to hear about the ways people were making time for themselves.  
I’ve also asked my team to take time each Wellness Wednesday to set an objective for the following two weeks – maybe it’s standing up and stretching their legs every hour, or maybe it’s to take on additional exercise. Mine is to drink more water each day. 
It’s so important to me that we prioritize ourselves and our wellness, especially with the challenging times we’re all going through. And as a leader, I want my teams to know I’m serious about it, too. We can’t take care of others, and we can’t do our best, if we aren’t taking care of ourselves, first.