Both Nancy Southern and Mark Little emphasize the importance of strong private-public partnerships on clean energy projects that will help Canada reach its net-zero targets. This perspective was shared in a joint announcement by Atco and Suncor that they are collaborating on early stage design and engineering for a potential clean hydrogen project near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

“With abundant natural gas resources and geology that is well suited to the utilization and permanent storage of CO₂, Alberta is one of the best places in the world to produce clean hydrogen… Collaborating with industry partners and governments on these types of strategic projects will assist in decarbonizing our base business.”

Mark Little, President and Chief Executive Officer, Suncor

“A clean energy future is a shared national priority, and a transformational project like this one will require extraordinary collaboration with all levels of governments. We look forward to working with our partners in government and with our regulators to bring this vision to life.”

Nancy Southern, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, ATCO