Budget 2024

Tax and spend fiscal plan will inhibit growth

I was deeply saddened today to learn of the passing of Jim Prentice, an outstanding Canadian who was a tireless advocate for the people of his home province and the country as a whole.

Jim left his mark in law, politics and business and his passion, commitment and sense of public service were obvious to all.

His intellect and sound judgment served him well in his various federal portfolios – industry, environment and Aboriginal affairs – and his collaborative and compassionate nature was often instrumental in bridging differences and finding solutions that benefitted all parties. He brought those same qualities to his time as Premier of Alberta and the people of that province are better off as a result.

Jim was, to me, an example of a politician who pursued office for the right reasons. He was at his core a public servant, and his pursuit of high office was for that purpose alone. When he turned his back on great success and reward in the corporate world to return to politics in Alberta, it was as an idealist who believed he could make his province a better place. I was privileged to work with him and honoured to be his friend.

On behalf of business leaders across the country, I extend my sincere condolences to Jim’s family and friends at this difficult time.