“Today’s economic and fiscal snapshot underscores why it’s vital to get the economy moving and growing again. With the federal debt on track to hit $1.2 trillion this year, Canadians simply cannot afford another shutdown.”      

“We have succeeded in flattening the curve. We are now in a new phase while we await a vaccine or treatment. We have clear guidance from public health experts on what we as individuals need to do to keep the virus under control. Businesses and individuals can be trusted to restart the economy safely and responsibly.   

 “Governments must continue do their part by ensuring widespread COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, providing safe public transport and by bringing forward plans to reopen schools and child care programs so parents are able to return to work.”  

   “Looking forward, the federal government should fast-track national infrastructure projects that will promote economic growth, productivity, and the transition to a lower carbon economy. Priorities include: 5G and high-speed internet initiatives; export-enabling investments in transportation corridors, ports and border gateways; and electricity generation, transmission and distribution networks.  

   “At the same time, we need to address well-known competitiveness challenges. Our regulatory systems are overly burdensome, our tax system is increasingly uncompetitive by international standards and interprovincial trade barriers are a self-imposed limit to growth.”