Human behaviour is key to the spread of COVID-19, and changes in behaviour are the best way to reduce transmission. Currently different parts of the country are seeing different levels of COVID-19 infection, which has led governments at the municipal, provincial and federal level to adopt different approaches to dealing with the disease.

Unfortunately, the inevitable result is uncertainty and confusion, particularly when it comes to the key message of social (or physical) distancing. We believe Canadians need and would welcome a clear and unambiguous national response based on a uniform set of rules and policies. That may or may not require the Emergencies Act, but it does require a high sense of urgency and coordinated action.

Canada is one country and the coronavirus doesn’t discriminate based on jurisdiction. We are all in this together, so let’s get on with acting as one. We look forward to hearing more about the federal government’s economic plan, but first we must deal decisively with the health crisis.