Next week’s meeting of North American leaders presents an important opportunity for Canada to strengthen its relationship with its most important ally and trading partner.

We urge Prime Minister Trudeau to use his time in Washington to discuss a number of pressing concerns with U.S. President Biden including:

  • Standing up for Canada’s energy interests, including Canada’s role in the energy transition, advocating for the Line 5 pipeline, and cooperating on reducing GHG emissions across the continent.
  • Ensuring the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) is fully implemented and enforced,
  • Collaborating on supply chain resiliency. This includes challenging the counterproductive Buy America expansion and similar measures that disadvantage Canadian manufactured goods and content.
  • Coordinating our border policies as agreed in the Roadmap for a Renewed U.S.-Canada Partnership,
  • Presenting North American collaboration – with CUSMA at its core – as an opportunity to make progress on common challenges, including climate change and economic security.

The economies of Canada and the United States are inextricably linked. It is essential that we work together to ensure both countries, and North America, can emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger, healthier, and more competitive.