The Business Council of Canada offers congratulations to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all candidates who will sit in Canada’s 44th Parliament. Public service is a noble calling and we thank everyone who participated in this election campaign. 

That being said, no party can claim to have won a convincing mandate. We call on all elected representatives to put partisan interests aside and focus on what is best for Canadians. It is time to bring people together to get us through the pandemic and chart a path forward that strengthens the economy, creates jobs and promotes confidence in our shared future. 

Canada’s leading employers will continue to collaborate with all parliamentarians in building a stronger and more resilient country. We will advocate for sound public policies and a responsible fiscal plan that contributes to sustainable long-term economic growth.  

The immediate priority is to restart the economy in a safe and responsible way. The fundamental challenges that faced Canada before the pandemic have not changed. They include an aging population, inequality, Indigenous reconciliation, climate change, an uncertain geopolitical environment, and the increasing burden of public debt. 

Underpinning all those challenges is the urgent need for an ambitious plan to bolster the economy. Economic growth lifts people out of poverty, creates high-paying jobs, supports Canadian industries in developing solutions to climate change, and pays for the social programs and vital public services on which Canadians depend.  

As the Prime Minister said, the decisions we make now will affect us for years to come. We agree. It is time to get back to work.