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Tax and spend fiscal plan will inhibit growth

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Today is important for two reasons.  Firstly, it marks the Thanksgiving holiday: a time when many of us enjoy the company of family, friends and neighbours, taking stock of the reasons we have to be thankful.  In addition, it marks World Mental Health Day, designated by the World Health Organisation for raising awareness and making mental health and well-being a global priority. 

It is also a timely opportunity to think about the importance of taking care of ourselves and prioritising our well-being, each and every day.  Indeed, this is even more imperative during challenging times, when global events have the potential to fuel stresses and take a toll on our mental health.  

Providing support for our TELUS team members and customers

At TELUS, we weave well-being into every aspect of our culture and how we work.  Underpinning these efforts is our TELUS Mental Health Commitment, which affirms our goal of creating a psychologically safe and healthy workplace, where all of our global team members feel supported and empowered to deliver on our social purpose.  

As an employer, we want our team members to know that they are never alone.  If a team member is experiencing a challenge with their mental well-being, there is always someone to talk to — whether it is a leader, fellow team member, or trained mental health professional — and flexible, supportive tools and resources available.  

By way of example, each year, TELUS team members and their dependents have access to $5,000 in benefits to help cover the costs of mental health therapy and counselling.  We also provide team members and their families with free access to our virtual care solutions and 24/7 support through our Employee & Family Assistance Programme.

In addition to offering support for our team members, we are incredibly proud to provide access to mental health services for our customers across Canada through TELUS Health and LifeWorks.  We offer simple, direct access to caring mental health professionals, including online sessions with a counsellor that are covered by most extended health insurance plans.  To learn more, visit telus.com/mentalhealth.  We also offer tools that enable you to speak with a registered dietitian, schedule a video chat with a doctor, or consult with a pharmacist and manage your prescriptions online.

Taking a moment to pause with purpose

In addition to seeking professional help, we should seek ways to proactively engage in self-care.  This process will be different for each of us, whether it is setting aside time to visit with loved ones, engaging in physical activity or simply taking a moment to “pause with purpose” and reflect.

Personally, I find that being outside and engaging in physical activity is the best way to clear my mind and refill my grit reservoir – particularly when I am exploring local forests, trails and beaches with my trusty companion and Irish Wolfhound, Reilly.    

Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving

On behalf of my family – including Reilly, of course! – we wish all of our TELUS team members and customers a very happy Thanksgiving.  We hope you have the opportunity to connect with those you care about and that you find time to pause with purpose.  

With deep appreciation,