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At Deloitte, we are committed to building a shared path for reconciliation with Indigenous communities, businesses, and across Canada. We remain committed to taking concrete actions every day to strengthen trust and rebuild relationships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples. We recently released our three-year update on our Reconciliation Action Plan, which documents our commitment to follow through on promises made to the journey of reconciliation and outlines our goals as we continue to grow on this path ( 

Nation Building is an essential element to the reconciliation journey as it helps serve Indigenous Peoples and Nations on their journeys to economic empowerment and self-governance. As part of our commitment to reconciliation, Deloitte is launching a Nation Building advisory practice.   

Our new Indigenous-led approach will support First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities in developing innovative solutions focusing on governance, economic development, natural resources, and community infrastructure. It will ensure that Indigenous Peoples and Nations have a leading role in the economy, propelling Indigenous businesses forward while advancing reconciliation efforts.   

We also see Nation Building as an opportunity to foster connections and learn from Indigenous leaders, innovators, and communities. Deloitte’s continued commitment to reconciliation is supported by three pillars that are foundational to Nation Building:  
◼️ Serving Indigenous Peoples and Nations directly—Offering services to help navigate challenges and harness opportunities related to jurisdiction (governance and operations), economic empowerment (economic development and natural resources), and basic needs (community infrastructure and health).   
◼️ Serving Indigenous Peoples and Nations through others—Supporting governments and corporate Canada on their Indigenous priorities and working with them to build relationships and transform the public and private sectors.  
◼️ Serving with Indigenous Peoples and Nations—Partnering with Indigenous Peoples and Nations in new ways by creating new Indigenous-led opportunities to support capacity building.  

Reconciliation is not a set destination, but rather a continuous journey. We all have work to do on our shared path towards reconciliation. We encourage all Canadian corporations to get involved and seize this opportunity to embark on an impactful journey together to catalyze change nationwide and transform our country for generations to come. Click here to learn more: