As published on LinkedIn

Just over six months ago, on Christmas Eve, I was standing on a rainy tarmac in Toronto looking at the most critical and important delivery FedEx Express Canada has ever handled in our  history – the first Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. Just 48-hours earlier, Health Canada authorized the use of the Moderna vaccine which triggered a determined team of FedEx employees to help distribute these doses to clinics throughout Canada, including to all three territories, before New Year’s Eve. 

Fast-forward six-months – and millions of  doses of vaccines to over 700 Canadian destinations later – I’m still amazed by the tenacity and dedication our teams here in Canada and colleagues worldwide share in helping to bring Canada back to the life we are all deeply missing.

The last six months have not been easy for most people, myself included. The lockdowns have been hard. People were – and in some cases continue to be – physically isolated from loved ones. Too many businesses were closed for the last time. Classrooms have been empty. And above all that, too many Canadians were battling the effects of COVID-19 and its variants. The toll this pandemic has had on households across Canada is beyond measure.  

Yet, despite the dark times, we all know heroes who have stepped up to do their part to help others. For me, this includes the entire team at FedEx – who, since day one, have dedicated themselves with a common purpose to help their fellow Canadians access life-changing vaccines. 

Our mission began on December 24 and ever since, our team has worked nonstop. In fact, just over six months later, we are in the midst of one of our busiest weeks ever on the vaccine rollout front. Since June 16, FedEx Express Canada has received over 11.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines in our network with millions more to come. Our people know that with each delivery, we are helping to bring communities across Canada one step closer to normal. Each delivery represents a long overdue reunion, a business that can be reopened, a life that will be saved.

This is the most important work we have ever done. We will not stop until the job is finished.

We owe that to all Canadians. We are FedEx strong.