Robert Asselin believes that focusing on effective policy implementation can help advance Canada’s energy transition and national competitiveness. His perspective was cited extensively by multiple news outlets in coverage of the upcoming 2023 Federal Budget.

“Meeting the competitive challenge of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act won’t be done over one budget. This is long-term policy work on regulatory certainty, taxation, and industrial policy measures related to science and technology.” 

“We need to do better, especially in advanced industries where global competition is the fiercest.”

“It requires a targeted response and measures that will boost our productivity and ensure long-term economic growth.” 

“[The 2023 budget comes] at a time when Canada faces intense competition for jobs and investment, including the impact of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act, and long-term economic and fiscal headwinds.”

“If you look at the last three budgets, there’s a lot of money that has been announced in different funds. The problem is they lack sectoral focus.”

“This is not an easy budget to sell, but a necessary one to do.”

“I think Canada needs to be very judicious about where our competitive strengths are.” 

“This government is really good at announcing things, but are they executing on that stuff for me is a big question mark.” 

“If they don’t do anything on affordability, it will look like they’re not responding to what people are concerned about. If they do too much of it, they’ll add to inflation – which will be counterproductive.”