Dear Premier Kenney,

On behalf of the Business Council of Canada, I am writing to congratulate you and the United Conservative Party on your victory in last month’s provincial general election. The people of Alberta voted decisively for change and now look to you and your team for creative solutions to Alberta’s economic challenges.

As an association of leading employers and entrepreneurs in every industrial sector and every region of the country, we applaud your commitment to cut taxes, reduce red tape and conduct a rigorous review of public spending.

At the same time, we recognize that your most urgent task is to establish a more stable investment environment for Alberta’s oil and gas industry – a vital source of jobs, energy and economic growth that benefits workers and families in every region of the country.

A thriving energy and resource sector is fundamental to our country’s economic and environmental aspirations. We share your desire to improve Canada’s attractiveness as a destination for energy investment, which will in turn spur economic growth and job creation. It goes without saying that pipeline access to tidewater is essential to achieve Canada’s potential as an exporter of safe, reliable and environmentally responsible energy to international markets.

We stand ready to work with your government in building a better future for the people of Alberta and Canada. I would welcome an early opportunity to meet with you in pursuit of our common objectives.


Goldy Hyder,
President and CEO
Business Council of Canada