Goldy Hyder welcomes the government’s new Indo-Pacific strategy for advancing economic interests, but calls for more emphasis on ways Canada can contribute to energy security in this critically important region. His statement and perspective were cited extensively by multiple news outlets in coverage of the release of Canada’s long-awaited strategy.  

“Canada’s business leaders have been calling for a comprehensive Indo-Pacific Strategy for several years. Now that the government has done so, it’s important to convert aspirations to actions and actions into accomplishments.” 

“We would have liked to see an express commitment by the government to provide secure supplies of Canadian LNG to our allies in the region along with specific details of how it will expedite the approval of Pacific-coast energy export infrastructure.” 

“The prime minister and deputy prime minister both have said that they need to identify and expedite projects to get resources to markets to help other countries decarbonize and get off autocratic oil and gas.”

“[The government’s new policy is based on a] realistic assessment of risks and regional tensions.” 

“This is a good thing, it’s a long overdue but what I’ve seen in there is content rich and it’s backed-up dollars.” 

“Different parts of the world are relying on Canadian innovation and Canadian ingenuity when it comes to carbon capture, on the use of green hydrogen, on small modular nuclear reactors and things we don’t even know about. And that’s only going to be coming about with capital, with investment and that comes from being able to leverage the resources that we already have.” 

“What I’ve seen in there is content-rich, and it’s backed up by dollars.”

“This type of detailed regional plan is useful, as it not only clarifies Canada’s interests it also provides much-needed certainty for Canadian businesses with operations and investments overseas.”