In a letter to U.S. Ambassador David Cohen, Goldy Hyder urges the reopening of all Canadian-based NEXUS enrolment centres to enable greater access to the trusted traveller program.

On behalf of Business Council of Canada members and thousands of other companies with significant operations and investments in the United States, I am writing to express our concern about the continued closure of Canadian-based NEXUS enrolment centres and the disruptions this has created for cross-border economic travel.

Established in aftermath of the horrific 9/11 attacks in 2001, the NEXUS program has been the gold standard for trusted-traveler programs globally for more than two decades. The American and Canadian economies have both benefited enormously from the expedited and enhanced security protocols which enable business travel.

While we understand the United States wishes to see changes to certain aspects of the program, it is deeply troubling to those affected that the U.S. government has taken the position that this justifies the continued closure of enrolment centres in Canada. As Canada’s Ambassador to the U.S. has said, this is holding them hostage.

Moreover, knowing of your personal priorities and those of President Biden, we fear this decision will have a disproportionate impact on small- and medium-sized businesses whose employees do not already possess NEXUS cards. With post-COVID travel yet to return to normal, additional hurdles will impede their plans to visit the U.S.

In light of the serious economic consequences this could have for both American and Canadian businesses, we strongly urge you to recommend the reopening of all the NEXUS enrolment centres in Canada currently closed while our respective governments discuss what could be done to address the United States’ concerns.