Robert Asselin shares his perspective on the federal government’s Fall Economic Statement with multiple news outlets.

“They’re pushing back the beginning of the debt decline. That suggests to me they’re not on a sustainable fiscal track and they need to rein in their spending.” 

“Things are only going to go south either with a recession or with inflation being more sticky. I see more downside scenarios than upside scenarios.”  

“They’re very close to the precipice.” 

«C’est clair maintenant qu’il n’y a aucune possibilité de retourner à l’équilibre. Impossible» 

« C’est un cadre financier extrêmement précaire et fragile. Il n’y a vraiment plus de place pour les imprévus et les chocs économiques. Donc, s’il y a une récession, ces projections vont devenir plus dramatiques »  

“When I look at the fiscal framework,  I see no fiscal room for unforeseen events, and it becomes dangerous.”