Goldy Hyder underscores the need for Canada to be pragmatic and be seen as a reliable partner to the rest of the world. He shares his perspective in multiple news articles about Prime Minister Trudeau’s presence at the Asia-Pacific Co-operation (APEC) Summit in San Francisco.

“This is a complicated environment in which we operate. It is not the time to preach … It is time to be pragmatic.”

“Canada’s standing in the world is directly proportionate to how America perceives us. Other countries take us seriously when they see America take us seriously. As such, being left out harms us.”

“It is important as these talks continue that Canada secure their place at the negotiating table.”

“The world has changed. You need to read the room. Otherwise, I think we’re going to be left at the table and we may even be left outside the room. And that’s never a good day for Canada when that happens.”