The Business Council of Canada (BCC) welcomes today’s announcement by Premier Doug Ford of key principles to guide the gradual and staged reopening of Ontario’s economy while protecting the health, safety and well-being of all citizens.

“Premier Ford and his team have developed a responsible, balanced framework to reopen the province’s economy based on the best available advice from health experts, recognizing that we are in for a long and difficult battle against COVID-19,” said Goldy Hyder, the BCC’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

The Business Council of Canada is a non-partisan association composed of business leaders from all industry sectors and regions of the country. Its members include the CEOs of 89 of Ontario’s largest employers.

In an open letter on April 16 to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the leaders of Canada’s provinces and territories, Mr. Hyder recommended a “slow, steady and carefully calibrated approach to restarting the economy” as the best possible way to maintain public confidence and avoid future lockdowns.

We reiterate our message in the letter that any reopening should be accompanied by “widespread, systematic testing and contact tracing of positive cases” and an assurance that employers will have access to sufficient quantities of personal protective equipment – such as masks, face shields and gloves – for workers who need them.