Business leaders across the country launch Task Force on Canada’s Economic Future

The Business Council of Canada is launching a major new task force to engage business leaders and other stakeholders in advancing urgently needed policies to enhance growth and ensure a better future for all citizens.

Over the next six months, the Task Force on Canada’s Economic Future will work with a diverse range of groups and individuals in shaping an agenda that can significantly improve the country’s ability to compete for jobs and investment within a transforming global economy.

The Task Force intends to deliver an interim report prior to this year’s federal general election campaign. A detailed action plan and final recommendations will be published shortly after election day.

“At a time when many other countries are moving quickly and decisively to strengthen investor confidence and build a more prosperous future, Canada’s approach is too often characterized by complacency,” said Goldy Hyder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Business Council.

“As an organization that represents business leaders and entrepreneurs, we claim no monopoly on good ideas. For that reason, the Task Force intends to consult widely, welcoming input from Canadians from every region and all walks of life. Out of that we plan to develop a short list of specific recommendations to strengthen our country’s prospects, contributing to the tax base that supports Canadians’ social programs and quality of life.”

“This isn’t just about the economy. It’s about what’s good for people and our country.”

The Task Force on Canada’s Economic Future is led by three co-chairs:

  • Chuck Magro, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nutrien Ltd.
  • Nicole Verkindt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, OMX
  • Louis O. Vachon, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Bank of Canada

Quotes from the Task Force co-chairs:

“Raising economic competitiveness is not simply a priority for business. It is a priority for all of us who care about improving the lives of Canadians and building a stronger, more successful country.”

– Nicole Verkindt

“If we act boldly and make the right choices now, Canadians can look forward to good jobs, rising incomes and a higher quality of life.”

– Chuck Magro

“Canada has loads of untapped potential, yet large areas of our economy are struggling because of delays and regulatory uncertainties. We need to make sure that public debate and regulatory decisions take into account the interest of all regions of the country.”

– Louis Vachon

About the Business Council of Canada

Founded in 1976, the Business Council of Canada is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization representing business leaders in every region and sector of the country. The Council’s member companies employ 1.7 million Canadians, contribute the largest share of federal corporate taxes, and are responsible for most of Canada’s exports, corporate philanthropy, and private-sector investments in research and development. Through supply chain partnerships, service contracts and mentoring programs, Business Council members support many hundreds of thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs in communities of all sizes, in every part of Canada.