Business Council of Canada elects Don Lindsay as Chair, plans new emphasis on policies needed to keep jobs and investment in Canada

The Business Council of Canada, representing the CEOs of 150 leading Canadian companies, employing more than 1.7 million Canadians, has elected Don Lindsay as its new Chair.

Mr. Lindsay is President and Chief Executive Officer of Teck Resources Limited, Canada’s largest diversified resource company, based in Vancouver. He succeeds Linda Hasenfratz, Chief Executive Officer of Guelph, Ontario-based Linamar Corporation.

“I feel honoured to follow Linda in this position,” Mr. Lindsay said. “Over her three-year term she provided exceptional leadership, pushing us in new directions and championing a vision of Canada as the most innovative country in the world – a hub of technology, skill and ingenuity.”

He added that he is looking forward to working with business leaders and entrepreneurs across the country to build support for policies that will grow jobs and investment, contributing to the tax base that supports Canadians’ social programs and quality of life.

“As Canadians, we all understand that our country faces unprecedented competition for capital and talent. Competitiveness is about efficient and fair tax policy, but it is also about improving access to key markets, ensuring efficient transportation infrastructure, support for innovation, and a regulatory system that provides predictability and timely decision-making.”

“It means actively working to create a climate where people and businesses feel an investment in Canada is an opportunity to succeed – building value for today and for tomorrow.”