The Business Alliance welcomed the commitment by federal, provincial and territorial ministers at their meeting Tuesday to have a renegotiated internal trade deal by March 2016. Reducing internal barriers is necessary to reduce costs on business and encourage business activity in Canada.

In their presentation to ministers, the Business Alliance called for an ambitious domestic trade deal that eliminates regulatory barriers to moving all goods, services and labour in Canada, unless there are legitimate reasons not to. Exceptions should be listed publicly.  The agreement should enhance regulatory cooperation among jurisdictions, provide for mutual recognition of goods and services and ensure an effective and efficient dispute resolution mechanism.

Business stakeholders are part of the solution and the Business Alliance is looking forward to continued positive contribution to the reform process.

The Business Alliance is comprised of national organizations representing businesses of all sizes in Canada and has been working towards the common goal of strengthening Canada’s economic union. Its members include the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, the Dairy Processors Association of Canada and the Retail Council of Canada.

Founded in 1976, the CCCE is a non-partisan organization that engages in public policy research, consultation and advocacy. Its members lead companies that collectively administer $4.5 trillion in assets, employ more than 1.4 million men and women and are responsible for most of Canada’s private-sector exports, investment and training.