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Dear Friends,

Like many of you, I’m reflecting this week on Canada’s complex and sometimes troubling past. But I’m also thinking about the future. What are we willing to do to create a better, more sustainable and more inclusive country for our children and grandchildren?

It has been a year like no other.  We’ve spent months separated from friends, colleagues, and family. Speaking personally, this is the longest time I have ever gone without seeing my parents. But I am hopeful that better days are ahead.

I am heartened to see people across the country getting vaccinated at a pace previously unimaginable. It is a testament to our spirit as a caring society whose members look out for one another.

We need to harness that same spirit of cooperation and partnership as we work together on Canada’s post-pandemic recovery. That will be our focus at the Business Council of Canada over the coming months, because a thriving economy creates jobs, strengthens communities and helps all Canadians reach their full potential.

Best wishes,

Goldy Hyder
President and CEO
Business Council of Canada

Last week the federal government announced eased border restrictions for some travellers entering Canada. It was a long-overdue step, but it fell short of the comprehensive plan that Canadians need.

We continue to advocate with other partners for a transparent reopening plan with clear benchmarks tied to vaccination and COVID-19 case numbers.


Season Four of “Speaking of Business” wraps up tomorrow featuring my conversation with Swamy Kotagiri. His reflections after six months as CEO of Magna International are a perfect complement to our June 17th episode featuring Bridgit co-founder and CEO Mallorie Brodie.

While Mallorie offers insight into what her construction software startup needs to grow in Canada, Swamy explains why his automotive parts powerhouse strives to maintain a startup mindset to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive sector.