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Results of Canada’s 44th federal election

The Business Council of Canada offers congratulations to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all candidates who will sit in Canada’s 44th Parliament. Public service is a noble calling and we thank everyone who participated in this election campaign.  That being […]

Remembering Peter Bentley

Peter Bentley exemplified what it means to be a business leader who cares deeply about his employees, community, province and country. As the CEO of Canfor, Peter was a long-standing member and valued contributor to our Board of Directors. He […]

Business Council welcomes vaccine requirement for federal employees

The first priority of any government is to protect the safety and well-being of its citizens. At a time when COVID-19 case numbers across Canada are once again climbing, the federal government’s decision to introduce vaccine mandates for federal public […]

Easing of travel restrictions is good for the economy and provides hope for Canadians

We are encouraged by the federal government’s announcement of further steps toward allowing international travelers to enter Canada – an approach that recognizes the importance of full vaccination. The establishment of clear guidelines and dates will instill confidence and enable […]

Business leaders congratulate Canada’s next Governor General

Canada’s business leaders congratulate Mary Simon on her appointment as Canada’s next Governor General. Throughout her impressive career she has served the people of Canada in a wide range of capacities. We are grateful for her willingness to take on […]

Phase 1 of easing border measures is a long-overdue step, but falls short

Today’s announcement marks a long-overdue step toward easing border measures for travellers entering the country, but it falls far short of the comprehensive plan that Canadians need. We’re told this is the first phase of the government’s approach to easing […]

Canadians need a clearly articulated plan to reopen the border

We’re disappointed to learn that the U.S.-Canada Joint Initiative will be extended for another month. Our two countries have missed an opportunity to make amendments to the border agreement which would recognize the increasing number of people who are fully […]

Facilitating safe cross-border travel between the United States and Canada

On behalf of businesses of all sizes in the United States and Canada, we congratulate our governments on their efforts to ensure that as many citizens as possible have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In our view, […]

G7 finance ministers’ agreement on global tax reform

A strong and sustainable economic recovery will require close collaboration among like-minded countries. Today’s agreement on global tax reform signals a positive step in that direction, although many of the details remain to be worked out. The Business Council of […]

Welcoming the inaugural meeting of the USMCA Free Trade Commission

“As business leaders in the United States, Mexico and Canada, we welcome the inaugural meeting of the USMCA Free Trade Commission and the close cooperation between the three governments. We are encouraged by their efforts this week to ensure full […]