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Securing our future: why we must renew the U.S.-Canada partnership

Distinguished lecture delivered by Goldy Hyder at the 46th annual Canada-United States Law Institute conference on April 21, 2022 in Cleveland, OH The great American author Mark Twain famously noted “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” Had I been standing here […]

Goldy Hyder on stage at the Parliament 2020 Conference

Parliament 2020 Conference – The Future of Jobs in Canada Goldy Hyder (Business Council of Canada) and Hassan Yussuff (Canadian Labour Congress) sit down with Jonathan Calof (University of Ottawa) to discuss the skills and trends shaping the future of […]

Goldy Hyder delivers keynote address at Ivey’s MBA Leadership Day

After the keynote address to over 150 MBA students, Goldy speaks with Ivey Business School’s Institute for Leadership on how to build a better Canada and how leadership has changed.

Environment and economy: until death do them part

Delivered by Thomas D’Aquino, President and CEO of the Business Council on National Issues, at a conference on sustainable development in Winnipeg. This address follows in the wake of the formation of a Business Council Task Force on the Environment […]