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Analyzing the federal government’s fiscal anchors

A brief history of fiscal anchors since 2020 In her first Fall Economic Statement (FES) as Finance Minister in 2020, Chrystia Freeland introduced a new fiscal “guardrail.” It aimed to anchor government spending to labour market outcomes. The “guardrail” would […]

Canada in the New Energy Landscape

Introduction Political and public policy discourse in Canada is seized with debates on various approaches to the transition away from burning fossil fuels towards alternative sources of energy. There are different views on the timeline of doing so, and how […]

A more innovative, productive, and prosperous Quebec

Context In May 2023, Quebec Minister of Finances Éric Girard launched a consultation to seek the opinions of experts in academia and business on the issue of the wealth gap between Quebec and Ontario. I thank the minister for giving […]

Economic Security is National Security

Canada requires an integrated national security strategy Canada’s national security is dependent on the economic vitality and resiliency of our nation. It is only through our enduring economic prosperity where we find the talent, resources, and innovation necessary to achieve […]

Innovate, compete and win

Executive summary Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Canada will not be able to achieve its ambitious climate change goals, however, unless it has a comprehensive energy transition plan. Immediate action and substantial capital investment […]

Assessing the Potential Risks to the Sustainability of the Government of Canada’s Current Fiscal Plan

Context In 2020, the Government of Canada dramatically increased spending in an effort to protect Canadians from the worst economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Important as these measures were at the time, this expansionary fiscal policy resulted in a […]

Primed for growth

Introduction During the inaugural meeting of the Canada-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue(HLED), Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy, Canada’s Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development, and Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry asked the BCC and […]

Growth, innovation and the organization of science policy in Canada

Scientific progress is, has been and — even more so — will continue to be a key economic determinant of our future. A defining feature of modern economic growth is the systematic application of science to advance technology. Put simply, […]

Assessing export opportunities for Canada in India

India has recently attracted considerable new interest as a trade partner, in part due to increased focus on the Indo-Pacific region, and also as a means of diversifying global value chain sourcing and production. The country is being actively courted […]

Why India?

Why India and why now? Canada has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to global trade. It sits next door to the largest market in the world. Thanks to dozens of trade and investment agreements, Canadian goods, services and […]