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Enhancing bilateral economic cooperation and business opportunities between Korea and Canada

As the COVID-19 pandemic resurges, uncertainties in the world economy are not declining. Many countries continue to adopt and maintain protectionist policies to safeguard domestic industries and labors. In addition, the U.S.-China trade disputes have expanded into trade, security and […]

Canada’s fast-track partnership to Asia: The Republic of Korea

As Canada looks beyond the U.S. market to Asia in order to expand its export, technology and partnering horizons, the world’s top ranking country according to Bloomberg’s Innovation Index must not be overlooked. As of January 1, 2019, 95% of […]

Empowering People for Recovery and Growth

Employers who recognize and respond to emerging skills needs will be better positioned to succeed than those who don’t. Similarly, employees who understand which skills are becoming more valuable will be better positioned to adapt and succeed in the workforce. […]

A New North Star III

Canada’s prosperity has relied too heavily on the here and now of deficit spending, booming real estate and debt-financed household consumption. We must instead redirect investment to the wealth and well-being of the future, particularly our ability to invent and […]

Growing Stronger Together

Introduction Throughout 2021, Canadians across the country rallied to protect their families, neighbours and communities. Canada’s leading employers were by their side, helping to fight COVID-19 and laying the foundation for economic recovery. In this video message, BCC Chair Don […]

The case for liberalizing interprovincial trade in Canada

While governments across Canada remain focused on economic recovery from the pandemic, longer-term prospects are more challenging. As progress shifts into the expansion phase of the next business cycle, we face slowing growth—due to prior and continued sluggish business investments—and […]

Clean Growth 3.0

Executive summary Canada’s business leaders are convinced that the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is achievable for Canada, even if the means by which we will get there are not yet fully defined. The private sector is ready […]

Powering a strong recovery

The challenge For Canadians, the COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime health and economic emergency that has exacerbated long-standing structural weaknesses in our economy. Policymakers therefore face a dual challenge of considerable magnitude: they must lay the foundations for a safe […]

Seventh Annual Canadian Total Tax Contribution Survey

Foreword The seventh annual Total Tax Contribution (TTC) survey of the Business Council of Canada’s members analyses data received for the 2018 fiscal year from 78 of Canada’s largest businesses. 2018 was another strong year of economic growth in Canada […]

Leadership & Resilience

Message from the Chair Member companies of the Business Council of Canada and their employees are among this country’s most generous supporters of charitable causes and community services. So when the COVID-19 pandemic struck with full force early in 2020, […]