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Growth, innovation and the organization of science policy in Canada

Scientific progress is, has been and — even more so — will continue to be a key economic determinant of our future. A defining feature of modern economic growth is the systematic application of science to advance technology. Put simply, […]

Why India?

Why India and why now? Canada has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to global trade. It sits next door to the largest market in the world. Thanks to dozens of trade and investment agreements, Canadian goods, services and […]

Assessing export opportunities for Canada in India

India has recently attracted considerable new interest as a trade partner, in part due to increased focus on the Indo-Pacific region, and also as a means of diversifying global value chain sourcing and production. The country is being actively courted […]

Canada’s immigration advantage

Foreword Canada’s success in attracting newcomers from every corner of the globe is one of our country’s greatest competitive advantages. In addition to enriching the social and cultural fabric of our communities, immigrants bring valuable knowledge, skills and experience that […]

Canadian workers in their 50s and 60s: overlooked and underutilized

As published by Scotiabank Economics Canadians are currently dealing with a broad range of challenges despite, and partially because of, the robust economic environment. Decades-high inflation, rising interest rates, and a moderation in housing market activity are top of mind […]

Enhancing bilateral economic cooperation and business opportunities between Korea and Canada

As the COVID-19 pandemic resurges, uncertainties in the world economy are not declining. Many countries continue to adopt and maintain protectionist policies to safeguard domestic industries and labors. In addition, the U.S.-China trade disputes have expanded into trade, security and […]

Canada’s fast-track partnership to Asia: The Republic of Korea

As Canada looks beyond the U.S. market to Asia in order to expand its export, technology and partnering horizons, the world’s top ranking country according to Bloomberg’s Innovation Index must not be overlooked. As of January 1, 2019, 95% of […]

Empowering People for Recovery and Growth

Employers who recognize and respond to emerging skills needs will be better positioned to succeed than those who don’t. Similarly, employees who understand which skills are becoming more valuable will be better positioned to adapt and succeed in the workforce. […]

A New North Star III

Canada’s prosperity has relied too heavily on the here and now of deficit spending, booming real estate and debt-financed household consumption. We must instead redirect investment to the wealth and well-being of the future, particularly our ability to invent and […]

Growing Stronger Together

Introduction Throughout 2021, Canadians across the country rallied to protect their families, neighbours and communities. Canada’s leading employers were by their side, helping to fight COVID-19 and laying the foundation for economic recovery. In this video message, BCC Chair Don […]