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Business as a force for good – Iggy Domagalski, Wajax

Iggy Domagalski is a big believer in having fun at work. “Work can be enjoyable,” he says.  “When people know that they can have a bit of fun and that they can take five minutes to spend some fun time […]

Preparing for Canada’s energy future – François Poirier, TC Energy

François Poirier and his co-workers see themselves as problem-solvers. The problems are many, and familiar to anyone who follows North America’s energy industry. It’s a tall order, but Poirier – President and CEO of Calgary-based TC Energy – is optimistic […]

Bringing fresh perspective to Canadian air travel: Alexis von Hoensbroech

Twenty-seven years ago, WestJet took to the air with just three aircraft and five destinations. Today, the Calgary-based airline serves more than 100 cities across four continents. Overseeing the operation is CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech. He’s a newcomer to Canada […]

Driving into the future – Bob Espey, Parkland Corporation

If you filled up your car’s gas tank recently, or popped into a convenience store, there’s a good chance you visited a Parkland location. The Canadian company supplies fuel and operates convenience stores across Canada under many banners, including On […]

Tracy Robinson on rail, resources, and Canada’s place in the world

Growing up in rural Saskatchewan, Tracy Robinson liked to watch the trains roll by. Little did she know then that trains would have a lasting impact on her life. She spent 27 years working at Canadian Pacific Railway before switching to […]

Rania Llewellyn: embracing change at Laurentian Bank

Rania Llewellyn spent 26 years working at Scotiabank before making a move she describes as a “big leap and a big change” – becoming President and CEO of Laurentian Bank. And yet she says the hardest part of that transition […]

Be bold and future-focused: Deanna Zumwalt, Coril Holdings

When Deanna Zumwalt became President and CEO of Coril Holdings in 2021, she took on responsibility for an organization with a rich Canadian legacy. The Calgary-based company, with roots in the railway industry, has evolved considerably since its beginnings nearly […]

Neighbours, partners, allies, friends – Canada and the United States

Canada needs a new foreign strategy that positions it to compete successfully in a changing world, according to former Canadian ambassador Louise Blais. “There are major shifts occurring in the geopolitical landscape,” she says. “Canada will either come out as […]

“When people buy Canada, they buy authenticity” – Dani Reiss, Canada Goose

When Dani Reiss took over his grandfather’s apparel business more than two decades ago, he gambled on Canada. He resolved to continue making high-end outerwear in Canada, at a time when others in the industry were moving production abroad. The […]

Seizing the moment – Penny Wise discusses Canada’s economic recovery

COVID-19 created an “inflection moment” that offers Canadians a chance to build a better future, according to Penny Wise, President of 3M Canada. “We have a huge opportunity to make a difference and really change the growth trajectory of Canada […]