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Empowering change: A conversation with John Kousinioris of TransAlta

John Kousinioris describes 2015 as a wakeup call. Back then, his company, TransAlta, relied heavily on coal plants to generate electricity for Albertans. The Alberta government had other plans. It announced a phase-out of coal-fired electricity plants and gave TransAlta […]

Inside the Roots Leather Factory: A conversation with President & CEO Meghan Roach

As a child growing up in Pembroke, Ontario, Meghan Roach remembers driving more than an hour out of town to shop at a Roots store. “Roots was always something special,” she recalls, pointing to the durability of their well-worn products. […]

Risk and Resilience – John Risley of CFFI Ventures

For decades, the names John Risley and Clearwater Seafoods were practically synonymous. The story of Clearwater’s founding is the stuff of legend in Atlantic Canada. It’s a story of how John and his business partner Colin MacDonald started selling lobsters […]

Taking on the world’s toughest challenges: John Bianchini of Hatch 

They’re taking on underground construction obstacles, tackling mining and energy quandaries, and don’t hesitate to brainstorm daily about how to address climate change.  Hatch is an engineering and professional services firm that employs 12,000 people in 150 countries around the […]

From shop floor to CEO: Jennifer Wong of Aritzia

When Jennifer Wong was an economics student at the University of British Columbia, she walked into an Aritzia store with her resumé. The company at the time was only three years old and operated two locations. She landed a part-time […]

Connecting North America: Keith Creel of CPKC

When the last spike was driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway track on November 7th, 1885 in British Columbia, CP became the first transcontinental railway to connect Canada from east to west.  Last April, the iconic Canadian company marked another […]

Leading the way in nuclear energy: Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power

It was a summer job that sparked Mike Rencheck’s lifelong career in the energy industry. He started out as an intern at the Beaver Valley Power Station in Pennsylvania in the 1980’s, and never looked back. “It really opened my […]

Business as a force for good – Iggy Domagalski, Wajax

Iggy Domagalski is a big believer in having fun at work. “Work can be enjoyable,” he says.  “When people know that they can have a bit of fun and that they can take five minutes to spend some fun time […]

Preparing for Canada’s energy future – François Poirier, TC Energy

François Poirier and his co-workers see themselves as problem-solvers. The problems are many, and familiar to anyone who follows North America’s energy industry. It’s a tall order, but Poirier – President and CEO of Calgary-based TC Energy – is optimistic […]

Bringing fresh perspective to Canadian air travel: Alexis von Hoensbroech

Twenty-seven years ago, WestJet took to the air with just three aircraft and five destinations. Today, the Calgary-based airline serves more than 100 cities across four continents. Overseeing the operation is CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech. He’s a newcomer to Canada […]